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Personal Service - A personal approach and good communication is a must in order to deliver the best results on a project. Designing is often more of a development process with the designer & client working together in order to achieve the best results.


Images & Text - These can be supplied by yourselves or we provide packages which include all Graphic Design, sourcing Photography and Illustration, or a combination of both. Please be sure you have the complete copyright use of any information supplied (images & text).


Alterations - We operate on the basis that changes may often be needed along the way to get the best results, therefore we try not to restrict the amount you can have before extra charges are imposed, a common sense approach usually  works best.


Deadlines - We also understand the importance of deadlines and sticking to tight budgets. Deadlines often involve a string of people all of which need work completed on time therefore projects are only undertaken on the basis that time scales are realistic but once the project has been accepted then deadlines will be met.


File Backup - Free file backup if you need to replace any lost or damaged files, duplicates can also be sent direct to printers or other clients.


Design Updates - All ongoing work will be posted on a private page of this site for secure viewing by the client only as the project progresses.


Copyright Transfer - The full and unrestricted copyright for all design work will automatically be transferred to the client upon receipt of full payment for the work.


Repro - Because not everyone requires large print runs we operate with a flexible system of printing where no order is to small, anything in fact from 10 to 10,000 or more, it’s up to you. You are also free to choose your own printer but you may  need templates from them, usually available by downloading through their site, in order to supply the finished work at the exact size and specification for printing.

All Main Files and Formats Supported

AI     Adobe Illustrator

EPS    Encapsulated Postscript

PSD   Photoshop Document

JPEG   Joint Photo Experts Group

PNG    Portable Network Graphics

TIFF    Tagged Information Format

SVG   Scalable Vector Graphics

PDF    Portable Document Format

Customer satisfaction is very important so this is how  we operate: